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Training : Predictive Image is referenced on Datadock

Datadock : what is this ?

Datadock is a common referecing platform which allows financing bodies for professional trainings (OPCA, Fongesif, ...) to verify the compliance of the training organizations with the Quality criteria defined by Law. 20 OPCAs ("Organisme paritaire collecteur agréé") worked together for setting up Datadock and its 21 indicators reflecting the 6 quality criteria defined by the Quality Regulation from June 30th 2015.

How does it work ?

For being referenced on Datalock, each training organization has to submit documentation covering the 21 indicators. After verification and validation, they are accessible on the Datadock web site.

What is Predictive Image's status ?

Our declaration has been accepted, which means that our training courses are in accordance with the 21 criteria defined in the Quality Regulation.

  • Our professional training offers can therefore be referenced by all the financing bodies for professional training: contact your OPCA ("Organisme paritaire collecteur agréé) for financing your professional training session.