Noticias & Prensa

MINAPAD 2018 - Grenoble

Exhibitors and Speakers of this 6th MiNaPAD Forum (Micro/Nano-Electronics Packaging and Assembly, Design ans Manufacturing) will speak about:

  • Advanced Packaging : TSV, 2.5D/3D Packaging, FOWLP, WLP, Substrates, Embedded IC packages;
  • CAD & tools for  I/O placement for advanced packaging, DfR, opto and RF packages design, thermal & mechanical modeling and simulation;
  • Digital deep submicron technologies for scaling nodes, MEMS, sensors ans actuators, RF miniaturization, smart system packaging ans heterogeneous integration;
  • Innovative packaging for engineering and growing applications
  • Materials: adhesives, underfills, molding, dielectrics, etc.;
  • Emerging technologies & novels approaches: carbon nano tubes, microfluidics;
  • Assembly manufacturing: BGA, CSP, QFN, SiP, cleaning, coating, etc.;
  • Reliability, wear out, test and characterization, electromigration, thermal management
  • Advanced interconnections: FlipChip, WLP metallurgies, bumping techniques, nontraditinal interconnections, optical connections