Insight IS-350 - 4 axis


Full Ultrasonic Digital Inspection Systems Insight IS-350

  • New low noise linear servo motor conception
  • 100mm/sec maximum motor speed
  • 0.5um scan axis X resolution
  • Dictinct removable fixture of the Emission/Reception transducers 
  • Coupling liquid regulation and filtration
  • Active Scan Area: 350mm x 350mm / 0.5µm encoder resolution
  • Active Scan Area optimized for wafer inspection 300mm and 2 inspection trays JEDEC standard
  • Focus Axis(Z): course 50mm course / 0.5µm resolution
  • Axis details:
    • X linear servo motor
    • Y stepper motor
    • Z moteur pas à pas
    • θ turntable sample holder
  • Dimensions: 680(W) x 800(D) x 1320(H) mm

Acoustic Microscopy