Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Acoustic microscopy is a visualization method that provides images of the heart of the matter, to the micrometer scale.

While some materials are opaque to the light, they become transparent by ultrasound. Acoustic microscopy allows to work with samples of some cm2 over a few tens of micrometers thick. It uses the wave vibrations by a piezoelectric sensor, which propagate in the materials.

The propagation of ultrasonic waves used to locate sources of material damage and assess their severity. Indeed, the acoustic images obtained provides information on the mechanical properties (density, elasticity, viscosity, porosity, etc.) and the product structure (relief, microcracks, etc.).

This technique of non-destructive analysis allows among others:

  • review of the elements of an assembly,
  • integrity check connections and connectors,
  • weld inspection,
  • detection of missing material,
  • detection of inclusions,