Radiographic testing: X-Ray 3D-tomography (RT)

Compared to classical X-Ray radiography, which provides a bidimensional projection image of the analyzed sample, the 3D X-Ray tomography allows 3 dimensions reconstruction.

From a numerous number of 2D X-Ray radiographies, performed during a entire rotation of the subject, we obtain a 3D visual representation of the item, thanks to a strong calculation algorithm. The internal structure can be decomposed layer by layer.

The main interest of this method is the option to extract one specific layer of the volume, called "cut" or "section", free of all other superpostion of its environment. These technique is a good way to reach inaccessible information through other non-destructive methods.

This non-destructive analysis technique allows for example:

  • to locate a defect in the thickness of an assembly,
  • to extract a layer of a complex assembly,
  • to detect lack of braze in a several layers assembly,
  • to control the weld shape,
  • to measure the thickness,