image IS200 INSIGHT microscope acoustique à balayage

Insight IS-200

Mini Volume Scan

Full Ultrasonic Digital Inspection Systems Insight IS-200

  • New low noise linear servo motor conception
  • 500mm/sec maximum motor speed
  • 0.1um scan axis resolution
  • Removal transducer fixation - Pulse echo (PE) or Through Transmission(TT) separated
  • IS-200 has a tray-inspection composed with multiple scanning. It can be used as Scan Acoustic Microscopy or Ultrasonic Laser Detection System.
  • Active Scan Area: 200mm x 150mm / Encoder resolution codeur 0.1µm
  • Focus (Z) Axis stroke: 50mm / 0.1µm resolution
  • Axis details:
    • X linear servo motor
    • Y stepper motor
    • Z stepper motor
  • Dimensions: 495(W) x 386(D) x 450(H) mm
  • Scanner Weight: 31Kg

Acoustic Microscopy